bespoke jewellery

Fine Bespoke Jewelry made with attention to detail and your satisfaction in mind. 

Sterling Silver “amour” Love tag bracelet

This delicate yet modern bracelet is so up to the minute in its design. The style of this bracelet makes it a holiday wardrobe essential!It is a lovely light piece of everyday jewellery to wear.

Sterling Silver Amber bracelet

This stunnig bracelet with its earthy green coloured amber is a beautiful reminder of the amazing natural resources we have the pleassure of being able to have with us always.Simple in design yet so pretty a really lovely piece of jewellery.

Sterling Silver Amber bracelet

This beautiful bracelet just bursts with colour and shine. The orange amber is resplendent with the natural tones given by the the way the amber is formed.A delicate design that shows the amber at its best possible angle.

Sterling Silver Amber bracelet

This gorgeous bracelet is just so simple in its design yet is so stunning at the same time.The green amber teardrop cut stones sparkle and shimmer,they look different every time you look at them.A perfect accompaniment  for any summer outfit.

Sterling Silver amber leaf design bangle

This incredible piece of jewellery is a sight to behold, a magnificent piece of green amber set into a silver rub-over setting which is then enhanced with beautiful leaves and foliage handcrafted out of silver. The bangle has a safety catch and chain attached to the clasp fitting.

Sterling Silver and amber cross pendant

This beautifully simple pendant is a touching way to show your faith.The glossy shine of the silver perfectly accentuates the golden glow of the orange amber cabochon bead.A lovely piece of handcrafted jewellery.
Sterling Silver and Amethyst Bracelet.

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Bracelet

This beautiful Celtic style bracelet is an outstanding example of handcrafted jewellery making at its very best. The Amethyst stones sparkle against the glittering silver settings. A stunning piece of jewellery.
Sterling silver and Amethyest half moon drop earrings

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Half Moon Drop Earrings

These beautiful earrings incorporate style and functionality. The wonderful deep purple of the amethyst is accentuated by the shine of the silver. A stunning combination.

Sterling Silver and Tigers eye bracelet

This fascinating piece of jewelry has a place in any jewelry collection.The mesmerizing way the tigers eye changes colour and reflects in the light just as a real cats eye would is enchanting to look at. The gemstones are so tactile and set within their silver frames they exude a...
Amethyst and Marcasite Drop Earrings

Sterling Silver Art Deco Amethyst and marcasite drop earrings

These beautiful Art Deco earrings exude an elegance that can only be associated with jewellery of that time, a rich deep purple amethyst set in marcasite encrusted silver. A timeless piece of jewellery.
silver amethyst marcacite drop earrings

Sterling Silver Art Deco Marcasite and Amethyst drop earrings

These beautiful and unique earrings carry the symbol of good luck and the gemstone of February, a perfect combination for the love of your life. These elegant earrings are full of sophistication and grace which were highly sought after in the Art Deco era.

Sterling Silver Art Deco Marcasite and Mother of Pearl drop earrings

The beautiful lustre of the Mother Of Pearl is given a modern twist on an Art Deco classic design by being chequerboard cut, before being cradled in a delicate silver cage enhanced by the sparkle of glittering marcasite.

Sterling Silver Art Deco Marcasite and Onyx and drop earrings

These stunning onyx earrings capture the true spirit of Art Deco jewellery with the crisp sharp lines of the onyx and the swirling silver inlayed with the sparkle of marcasite.

Sterling Silver Art Deco Marcasite Mother of Pearl and drop earrings

These earrings are simply breath taking in their appearance and have a regal aura about them, the beautiful piece of Mother of Pearl is just outstanding and stands out like the jewel of the crown in its sparkling setting.

Sterling Silver Art Deco Marcasite onyx drop earrings

These absolutely stunning earrings just capture the art deco era perfectly. A dark black onyx embellished in glittering marcasite's giving a top quality look and a touch of luxury to any evening occasion.
Opalite marcasite silver stud earrings

Sterling Silver Art Deco Opalite and marcasite stud earrings

These beautiful earrings allow you to have the luxury of wearing opals without the high price, with the use of the marcasite's for added glamour and shimmer. These earrings totally capture the Art Deco era.
Sterling silver pear shaped marcasite set drop earring

Sterling Silver Art Deco pear shaped marcasite set drop earrings

These beautiful earrings are just so simple in design yet so dramatic in look. The delicate drop is so perfectly accentuated with the gentle sparkle of the marcasite. A glamourous addition to any party outfit.

Sterling Silver Art Deco Pearl and Marcasite and art deco bracelet

Pearls are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit but no more so than on the most special of days.
Blue topaz sterling silver earrings

Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Earrings

These amazing earrings are a joy to behold, with movement and shine these practical yet stylish earrings will make sure you get noticed.

Sterling Silver bracelet inlaid with Mother of Pearl

This beautiful bracelet is a wonderful example of how a naturally occurring mineral can be transformed into a work of art. The delicate pastel shades of the mother of pearl are set off beautifully by the smooth silver settings. A  delightful piece of jewellery.
Sterling silver cubic zirconia hoop earrings

Sterling silver cubic zirconia hoop earrings

These beautiful earrings are a simple and stunning way to accessorize any daytime outfit,the textured finish totally complements the sparkle of the cubic zirconia. Affordable luxury,

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

These incredibly stylish earrings are a must have! These handcrafted silver discs have a textured finish and are set with a small round cubic zirconia. These earrings have a butterfly and post fitting.

Sterling Silver diamond set heart locket with pearl

This stunning pendant is the perfect way to hold those dear to you close to your heart. The gentle movement of the hanging frame and the pearl add interest and a modern twist on this traditional jewellery item.
Enamelled sterling silver Dragonfly Brooch

Sterling silver Enamelled Cat brooch

The Victorians are renowned for their love of animals and incorporating them into beautiful wearable items and this replica cat brooch is no exception,a must for cats lovers everywhere.

Sterling silver Enamelled Owl Brooch

Owls are the most magical and  mysterious of birds and here we have encapsulated the majesty and the comical side of this special bird. Made in silver and hand set with enamel and for an added touch of luxury we have used rubies for the eyes.
Green amethyst silver half moon drop earrings

Sterling Silver Green Amethyst Half Moon Drop Earrings

These stunning green amethyst drop earrings exude a sense of mystery as the light refracts through the stone it gives different hues in the light. With the signature Clisson Design flower at the top of the earring these earrings just radiate with life and movement.

Sterling Silver Handbag charm bracelet

This beautiful bracelet encompasses the different styles of handbag fashion and design in an amazing array of color and sparkle. Each of the 5 bags are enameled and handset with marcasite making this a truly beautiful and special item.

Sterling Silver heart “amour” tag love bracelet

This lovely little bracelet has it all, style, durability and a sense of fun! This bracelet totally lives up to the passion that amour inspires.

Sterling Silver live your dreams bespoke Bangle

This beautifully handcrafted bangle is perfect for everyday wear, it's simple design effortlessly combines practicality and style. Who says you can't wear your heart on your sleeve...

Sterling Silver Onyx flower bracelet

This unusual and dainty bracelet has a touch of art-deco  about it, using onyx inlaid with mother of pearl. The flowers are delicate giving  a touch of romance to this classic piece of high quality jewellery.

Sterling silver open heart necklace

Beautiful heart necklace, with a delicate chain which can be adjusted in length. The solid heart slides effortlessly along the chain ensuring it is always in the right spot.
Pearl stud earrings

Sterling Silver Pearl Stud earrings

These beautiful earrings exude class and an individuality that epitomises the quality of Clisson Design. These earrings are so easy to wear and will accentuate any outfit.

Sterling Silver Sun Drop Earrings

These stunning handmade earrings are made in silver and are hand oxidized to enhance the contrast of the sunshine detail. lovingly crafted and are very tactile. A great fun piece of jewellery.
Sterling silver coral drop earrings

Sterling silver Victorian style coral drop earrings

These elegant earrings are typical of the Victorian age and are made all the more special with the use of the coral gemstone, a beautiful soft shade of pink that will flatter any complexion.