bespoke jewellery
18ct White gold

Fine Bespoke Jewelry made with attention to detail and your satisfaction in mind. 

Aquamarine and Diamond full eternity Ring

Aquamarine and Diamond ring this stunning bespoke handmade ring is craftsmanship at its very best. The aquamarines and diamonds glisten against the polished white gold of this simple yet elegant design.

Aquamarine and diamond white gold drop earrings

These beautiful aquamarine and diamond drop earrings glisten like raindrops falling from the sky. Gently cascading from the ears and adding a dash of glamour...

Black Opal Art Deco Diamond Ring

This absolutely exquisite ring is Clisson Design at its very best, this incredible ring encapsulates the Art Deco era with a modern twist. It is bold and extravagant yet so beautiful. The black opal is alive with colour and framed with the most sparkling brilliant diamonds.
Ruby and Diamond Crown ring

Crown ring set with ruby and diamond

This stunning ring was the very first piece designed and made by Clisson design and has been commissioned many times in different metal and gemstone combinations. This ring is so beautifully made, solid crowns of gold hold the gemstones in a rub over setting allow the stones to sparkle. This...

Diamond and white gold “waterfall” necklace

The sound of water cascading down a mountainside an exhilarating spectacle, the freedom of nature. This necklace using the most highest quality diamonds represent the water, sparkling and alive like these diamonds. A truly exquisite piece of jewellery and beautifully made.

Diamond and white gold necklace

The sky at night has been a fascination for many for centuries and this beautiful necklace really symbolizes the magic of the night sky. From a delicate chain hangs a cascade of half moons and thirteen sparkling stars.A dramatic and unique piece of jewelry.
Diamond solitaire White gold stud earrings

Diamond and white gold stud earrings

There is nothing nicer than the feeling of just knowing you look perfectly made up and nothing finishes of an outfit like a pair of classic diamond studs.These high quality diamonds will sparkle and shine from every angle.
Diamond and white gold "wave" ring
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Diamond and white gold wave ring

This amazing piece of craftsmanship allows this ring to look amazing from every angle.The gentle twists of this ring are reminiscent  of waves breaking on the shore, hence its name the "wave" ring.
Diamond drop white gold earrings.

Diamond drop white gold earrings

These stunning diamond drop earrings have a regal aura about them. From the moment you first feel them hanging so elegantly from your ears you will feel like a Queen.

Diamond half eternity ring

This beautiful ring uses two cuts of diamond to give a modern look on a traditional style of ring.The rub over channel set gives a clean seamless line with a smooth finish and allows the diamonds to give maximum impact.

Diamond halo and white gold bracelet

Sometimes less is more and in in this bracelet that definitely is the case. The sheer delicateness and simplicity in the design results in a bracelet that is quite special and unique. The delicate frame allows the diamonds to do the talking for you..

Diamond marquise shape stud earrings

These beautiful earrings are a modern version of the classic diamond stud earring. The use of the round brilliant cut diamonds to style the earrings in a marquise shape is clever and gives the illusion of a larger earring without the cost.

Diamond Oval cut 5 stone ring.

This wonderfully modern style diamond ring is another example of workmanship at his absolute best.The smooth lines mean this ring is easy to wear and allows the radiance of the diamonds to shine through.

Diamond Princess cut white gold star earrings

These stunning earrings really do shine like the stars in the night sky.These earrings will be the finishing touch to any outfit.
Diamond knife edge ring

Diamond set knife edge ring

This stunning bespoke ring is a work of art. This thoroughly modern piece of jewellery makes for a ring that's wearable yet striking.

Diamond solitaire pendant and chain

They say that less is more and that is definitely the case with this necklace, simple in design but so effective in allowing the single diamond to dazzle and shine. The free flowing movement of the setting ensures the diamond will always be the centre of attention.

Diamond stud earring princess cut

These beautiful diamond stud earrings bring a variation on the classic round stud earring. Modern and so simple the perfect way to wear  luxury every day.

Diamond stud earrings

These stunning white gold diamond studs are a real treat for the coffee lover in your life !Beautifully finished in a silky smooth matt finish and in a coffee bean shape these are a real winning combination.

Diamond two tone gold drop earrings

These intricate diamond drop earrings are a stunning example of how modern design can a make a diamond drop earring so much more exciting
Diamond solitaire White gold stud earrings

Diamond white gold solitaire stud earrings

These stunning diamond stud earrings are a must have for any jewellery box. There is no better way to feel dressed to impress than when your wearing diamond earrings and with these high quality stones you will always shine and sparkle and feel a million dollars!
Emerald and diamond half eternity ring

Emerald and diamond half eternity ring

This beautiful ring is crafted with the most magnificent gemstones to great effect. The deep green emeralds are accentuated by the sparkle of these intricate cut diamonds.A stunning ring.
Pearl diamond cross stud earrings

Pearl diamond cross stud earrings

These lovely earrings combine beautiful pearls with the sparkle of diamonds to create a practical but dramatic earring

Pink sapphire and diamond heart necklace

This incredible necklace uses the deepest pink sapphires and the highest quality diamonds to make something so breath-taking in its appearance it oozes quality. Show someone you love how special they are to you with this unique and beautiful necklace.

Pink sapphire and diamond pendant

This stunning pendant shows where the inspiration of its design has come from with its clean lines and use of symmetry. There is no mistaking the influence of Art Deco design. The delicate Pink Sapphire is complimented by the amazing sparkle of the suitably named Princess cut diamonds.
Pink sapphire and diamond white gold half eternity ring
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Pink sapphire diamond white gold half eternity ring

This delightful half eternity ring made with the highest quality gemstones combines the glitz of diamonds and the pop of colour from the sumptuous pink sapphire.The rub over setting of these gemstones make this ring a very easy ring to wear everyday.
Pink sapphire,white gold and diamond ring

Pink sapphire princess cut Diamond white gold ring

This absolutely stunning pink sapphire ring is a delight to wear. The clean crisp cuts  of the deep pink sapphire are beautifully accentuated by the sparkle of the highest quality diamonds. This ring just exudes sophistication and class.
Ruby diamond white yellow gold drop earrings

Ruby diamond white yellow gold drop earrings

These beautiful modern drop earrings set with high quality ruby's and diamonds are hinged, so are fully articulate. Giving maximum impact and movement.  
Sapphire diamond byzantine style ring

Sapphire diamond byzantine style ring

This absolutely exquisite example of Greek jewellery design is a real masterpiece in craftsmanship and the attention to detail makes this ring an amazing statement piece.
Tanzanite and diamond 3 stone ring

Tanzanite and diamond 3-stone ring

This amazing 3 stone ring uses several different cuts of stone to give the most incredible collection of sparkle and luxury.

Tanzanite and diamond heart necklace

There is nothing like hearing the words "I love you" and with this lovely necklace, you can say it and show it, with beautiful tanzanite at the heart of this necklace encased in glittering diamonds and suspended from a heart of gold.
Tanzanite diamond 3 stone ring

Tanzanite diamond 3 stone ring

This enchanting ring made with a high-quality example of the Tanzanite stone is a joy to behold. The magical colour is so deep and beautiful you can lose yourself in it.
Tanzanite diamond and white gold earrings

Tanzanite diamond and white gold earrings

These stunning earrings made with the most beautiful high quality tanzanite are a fine example of high quality craftsmanship,the added sparkle of the diamonds really accentuates the beauty of this rare gemstone.
White Gold Tanzanite diamond ring

Tanzanite diamond white gold ring

This stunning diamond and tanzanite ring captures the radiance of the glistening diamonds and the deep brilliance of the tanzanite stones. The baguette-cut diamonds add a modern touch to classic oval cut tanzanite.
Tanzanite diamond white gold ring

Tanzanite diamond white gold ring

This gorgeous ring is the ultimate in modern design and quality, high specification diamonds pave set for dramatic effect give this ring its exceptional sparkle from every angle. A truly imaginative piece of craftsmanship. Has the wow factor and is a perfect evening wear accessory.