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Metal Type

Cubic zirconia and silver halo ring
Sterling Silver Art Deco Cubic Zirconia Ring
This stunning ring gives the look of quality craftsmanship for a fraction of the price. This sturdy well-made ring incorporates the delicate mill grain setting into a ring that can be worn every day.
Diamond knife edge ring
Diamond set knife edge ring
This stunning bespoke ring is a work of art. This thoroughly modern piece of jewellery makes for a ring that's wearable yet striking.
Diamond seven stone dress ring
This beautiful dress ring has all the qualities of modern design, good craftsmanship and the luxury of diamonds, with its sweeping smooth lines this ring is dramatic yet easy to wear.
Princess cut diamond sapphire half eternity ring
Sapphire and Diamond Princess cut half eternity ring
This exceptional ring combines deep rich blue of the sapphires and the sparkle of diamonds like stars in the night sky. It is a timeless and classic combination to declare your everlasting love.
Half Eternity Diamond Ring With Emeralds
Half Eternity Diamond Ring With Emeralds
The mesmerizing deep green of the beautiful emeralds in this ring is accentuated by the radiance of the diamonds, a stunning variation of the classic half eternity ring.
White Gold Tanzanite diamond ring
Tanzanite diamond white gold ring
This stunning diamond and tanzanite ring captures the radiance of the glistening diamonds and the deep brilliance of the tanzanite stones. The baguette-cut diamonds add a modern touch to classic oval cut tanzanite.
Diamond trilogy ring set in platinum
This beautiful trilogy ring encapsulates the true beauty of diamonds in this modern design, the way the stones are set allows maximum light to refract through the gems allowing their sparkle and radiance to shine through. An absolute masterpiece of modern design.
Byzantine style sapphire diamond ring
Sapphire and Diamond Byzantine style ring
This absolutely exquisite example of Greek jewellery design is a real masterpiece in craftsmanship and the attention to detail makes this ring an amazing statement piece.
Opal diamond yellow gold cluster ring
Opal diamond yellow gold cluster ring
This incredible ring is an absolute showstopper using the best quality diamonds and a magnificent opal gemstone.
Yellow Gold Garnet Ring
Cabochon Garnet Ring. Perfect for everyday wear.
Black Opal Art Deco Diamond Ring
This absolutely exquisite ring is Clisson Design at its very best, this incredible ring encapsulates the Art Deco era with a modern twist. It is bold and extravagant yet so beautiful. The black opal is alive with colour and framed with the most sparkling brilliant diamonds.
Pink Tourmaline ring
Cabochon Pink Tourmaline Ring this stunning ring is a real delight, well made and a great compliment to any outfit.
Peridot and green Tourmaline Cocktail ring
Nothing invokes glamour and sophistication like a cocktail ring. This ring is an amazing example of handcraftsmanship at its finest with unique design and vision made into a reality. A beautiful green peridot encased in a cage of rich yellow gold. This ring is a guaranteed conversation piece.
Tanzanite and Diamond 7 stone white gold ring
Tanzanite and Diamond 7 stone white gold ring
This beautiful Tanzanite and Diamond 7 stone ring is a very different design making a unique and stylish ring.
Diamond and platinum Emerald cut Solitaire ring.
Diamond and platinum Emerald cut Solitaire ring.
This stunning ring in its simplicity allows the absolute quality of this exquisite diamond to shine through in all its natural beauty.
Stainless steel skull ring
This spectacular skull ring looks substantial however being made in stainless steel gives this ring the heavy look without the weight or the price!
Amethyst white gold dress ring
This beautiful Amethyst dress ring combines the natural radiance of the amethyst and the wonderfully intricate cutting of the stone to produce a magical looking piece of statement jewelry.
Diamond half eternity ring
This delightful ring shows off these amazing diamonds to great effect in a design that's classic and easy to wear.
Diamond Princess cut trilogy ring set in platinum
This absolutely stunning diamond ring showcases the most exceptional diamonds. This ring exudes a feeling of luxury and sophistication.A piece of jewellery to treasure.
Diamond marquise cut white and yellow gold solitaire ring
This absolutely stunning marquise diamond ring showing influences of the Art Deco era is an excellent example of bespoke design. This lovingly crafted ring exudes style and sophistication and quality.
Ruby and Diamond Crown ring
Crown ring set with ruby and diamond
This stunning ring was the very first piece designed and made by Clisson design and has been commissioned many times in different metal and gemstone combinations. This ring is so beautifully made, solid crowns of gold hold the gemstones in a rub over setting allow the stones to sparkle. This...
Silver and cubic zirconia dress ring
Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Dress Ring
This absolutely stunning dress ring is a wonderfully crafted piece of modern design. Fluid and so tactile this ring is so lovely to wear and is a real eye-catcher.
Tanzanite diamond 3 stone ring
Tanzanite diamond 3 stone white gold ring
This enchanting ring made with a high-quality example of the Tanzanite stone is a joy to behold. The magical colour is so deep and beautiful you can lose yourself in it.
Garnet diamond cluster ring
Garnet diamond cluster ring
This beautiful ring incorporates a stunning high-quality garnet with a distinctive orange hue that is reminiscent of Princess Beatrice's engagement ring. This ring is just a wonderful example of craftsmanship at its best.
Tanzanite and diamond 3 stone ring
Tanzanite and diamond 3-stone ring
This amazing 3 stone ring uses several different cuts of stone to give the most incredible collection of sparkle and luxury.
Sapphire diamond cluster ring
Sapphire diamond cluster ring
This absolutely stunning sapphire and diamond ring is so beautiful. The diamonds are off the absolute highest quality and sparkle and radiate such life. The size of the sapphire makes this a ring that no one can ignore.
Diamond and Platinum half eternity ring
Diamond and Platinum half eternity ring
This absolutely stunning ring uses the highest quality diamonds to create an eternity ring that is so comfortable to wear and the smoothness of the rub-over setting means there are no sharp edges and allows the light to enhance the beauty of the stones.
Diamond solitaire Tiffany style White Gold Ring
This beautiful ring encapsulates the romance and the traditional feel of the Tiffany shank design which was used for many a year as the ring of choice for engagement rings. This design will never lose its appeal or style and will be used for many a generation.
Sapphire diamond byzantine style ring
Sapphire diamond byzantine style ring
This absolutely exquisite example of Greek jewellery design is a real masterpiece in craftsmanship and the attention to detail makes this ring an amazing statement piece.
Emerald and diamond half eternity ring
Emerald and diamond half eternity ring
This beautiful ring is crafted with the most magnificent gemstones to great effect. The deep green emeralds are accentuated by the sparkle of these intricate cut diamonds.A stunning ring.
Diamond Oval cut 5 stone ring.
This wonderfully modern style diamond ring is another example of workmanship at his absolute best.The smooth lines mean this ring is easy to wear and allows the radiance of the diamonds to shine through.
Diamond Marquise cut and platinum solitaire ring
A timeless design this ring feels so comfortable to wear the gentle curves caress the absolutely outstanding marquise cut diamond. The diamond has a radiance and fire that comes from within the gem,Nothing else could say Marry me? with more style.
Tanzanite diamond white gold ring
Tanzanite diamond white gold ring
This gorgeous ring is the ultimate in modern design and quality, high specification diamonds pave set for dramatic effect give this ring its exceptional sparkle from every angle. A truly imaginative piece of craftsmanship. Has the wow factor and is a perfect evening wear accessory.
Blue Topaz Ring
This stunning ring is inspired by the humble smarties, the beautiful cabochon sky blue topaz reminiscent of the sweet is encased in solid white gold. it is a truly simple yet such a stunning design. It was the first piece of jewelry that became a range for clisson design and...
Marquise diamond solitaire ring made in palladium and set with a single 0.50 ct marquise cut diamond
Diamond Marquise Solitaire Palladium Ring
This stunning ring uses the magnificence of a large marquise cut diamond of an exceptional quality to produce a ring that is exquisite in design and quality.
Diamond and tanzanite half eternity ring
Tanzanite and Diamond half eternity ring
This exquisite half eternity is an absolute beauty. With the clever cut of the tanzanite and the modern setting this is a stunning ring.
Diamond half eternity ring
This claw set diamond eternity ring has a comfort fit band giving the ultimate in wearability and style. The diamonds are of a high quality giving stunning sparkle and radiance. The diamonds are round cut brilliant diamonds. This ring is a stunning example of handcrafted jewellery at its best.
Ruby diamond white gold ring
Ruby and diamond Princess cut white gold ring
This beautiful half eternity ring with the richness of the rubies set off with the sparkles of the diamonds, is a fine example of craftsmanship at its finest.
Green Amethyst and diamond ring
Art-Deco jewelry has long been a fascination for Clisson design, the bright colors and the use of bold shapes and design have always been something that we wanted to incorporate into our range of jewelry and here is the first piece of what will be an ongoing collection.This is a...
Pink sapphire,white gold and diamond ring
Pink sapphire princess cut Diamond white gold ring
This absolutely stunning pink sapphire ring is a delight to wear. The clean crisp cuts  of the deep pink sapphire are beautifully accentuated by the sparkle of the highest quality diamonds. This ring just exudes sophistication and class.
Diamond half eternity ring
This beautiful ring uses two cuts of diamond to give a modern look on a traditional style of ring.The rub over channel set gives a clean seamless line with a smooth finish and allows the diamonds to give maximum impact.