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Sterling Silver Amber bracelet

This stunnig bracelet with its earthy green coloured amber is a beautiful reminder of the amazing natural resources we have the pleassure of being able to have with us always.Simple in design yet so pretty a really lovely piece of jewellery.
Sterling Silver Amber bracelet

Sterling Silver Amber bracelet

This beautiful bracelet just bursts with colour and shine. The orange-amber is resplendent with the natural tones given by the way the amber is formed. A delicate design that shows the amber at its best possible angle.
Sterling Silver Amber bracelet

Sterling Silver Amber bracelet

This gorgeous bracelet is just so simple in its design yet is so stunning at the same time. The green amber teardrop cut stones sparkle and shimmer, they look different every time you look at them. A perfect accompaniment for any summer outfit.
Amber cross and chain

Sterling Silver Amber cross and chain

Stunning multi-hued natural amber with inclusions set into a bespoke setting to enhance the beauty of this naturally occurring semi precious stone.A beautiful piece of jewelry.
Amber faceted cut pendant and chain

Sterling Silver Amber faceted cut pendant and chain

This amazing piece of natural amber is shown off to its best in the modern pendant. The geometric design allows the facets to capture the light and for the natural inclusions to shine through.

Sterling Silver amber leaf design bangle

This incredible piece of jewellery is a sight to behold, a magnificent piece of green amber set into a silver rub-over setting which is then enhanced with beautiful leaves and foliage handcrafted out of silver. The bangle has a safety catch and chain attached to the clasp fitting.
Amber pendant

Sterling Silver Amber pendant

Amber is a stunning product of nature and is a source of fascination for many. This gorgeous pendant allows the beauty of the amber to shine through without it becoming overpowered by it setting.
Multi coloured amber silver pendant

Sterling Silver Amber silver pendant

This beautiful example of craftsmanship at work is no more evident than in this stunning amber cross, using the most exquisite pieces of amber and modern design for the setting. A piece of jewellery to treasure.

Sterling Silver and amber cross pendant

This beautifully simple pendant is a touching way to show your faith.The glossy shine of the silver perfectly accentuates the golden glow of the orange amber cabochon bead.A lovely piece of handcrafted jewellery.