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Stunning drop earrings with amethyst and diam

Amethyst and Diamond Victorian Drop Earrings

These stunning earrings designed with Queen Victoria's reign in mind really show off the regal and classical style of the era. Set with amethyst and diamonds these earrings look spectacular.

Amethyst Half Moon White Gold Drop Earrings

A deep purple amethyst cradled in the crescent of the moon, these Gold Drop Earrings have movement and are perfect for everyday wear. Bearing the signature mark of Clisson design a totally unique pair of earrings.

Amethyst Pear Cut Drop Earrings

These beautiful amethyst drops ooze sophistication and class, the gold setting perfectly accentuates the richness of the amethyst. Perfect for those evening occasions.
Amethyst Victorian drop earrings

Amethyst Victorian style drop earrings

These unique bespoke made Victorian style earrings capture the essence of the Victorian age, the classic design total shows the amethyst to its best effect. These earrings just ooze sophistication

Aquamarine and diamond white gold drop earrings

These beautiful aquamarine and diamond drop earrings glisten like raindrops falling from the sky. Gently cascading from the ears and adding a dash of glamour...
Blue Topaz and Diamond white gold stud earrings

Blue topaz diamond white gold stud earrings

The Blue Topaz stone is a beautiful gemstone and this exceptional example of the blue topaz stone just radiates life, the gentle curves of the earrings are accentuated by the sparkle of the diamonds.

Citrine and yellow gold pear shape drop earrings

Nothing captures the spirit of summer than the sun, you can bring sunshine into everyone's lives with these beautiful earrings. The citrine is cut in such a way to make the very most of this stone. The citrine is a deep golden yellow a really beautiful example of this fine...

Citrine and Yellow Gold Stud Earrings

These delicate stud earrings radiate fire and light like the sunlight at the height of summer.Small yet sturdy, a great everyday piece of jewellery.
Diamond solitaire White gold stud earrings

Diamond and white gold stud earrings

There is nothing nicer than the feeling of just knowing you look perfectly made up and nothing finishes an outfit like a pair of classic diamond studs. These high-quality diamonds will sparkle and shine from every angle.
Diamond drop white gold earrings.

Diamond drop white gold earrings

These stunning diamond drop earrings have a regal aura about them. From the moment you first feel them hanging so elegantly from your ears you will feel like a Queen.

Diamond Princess cut and white gold hoop earrings

These stunningly beautiful diamond-hinged hoops set with princess cut diamonds make a modern interpretation of the diamond hoop earring. These earrings give a finishing touch to any outfit.

Diamond Princess cut white gold star earrings

These stunning earrings really do shine like the stars in the night sky. These earrings will be the finishing touch to any outfit.
Diamond solitaire White gold stud earrings

Diamond solitaire white gold stud earrings

These exceptional earrings exude luxury and status, diamonds really are a girl's best friend...

Diamond white gold half hoop earrings

These amazing earrings give a classic design a little touch of modern design to enable these to be worn day after day.
Diamond solitaire White gold stud earrings

Diamond white gold solitaire stud earrings

These stunning diamond stud earrings are a must have for any jewellery box. There is no better way to feel dressed to impress than when your wearing diamond earrings and with these high quality stones you will always shine and sparkle and feel a million dollars!
Garnet rose gold halfmoon drop earrings

Garnet Rose Gold Half Moon Drop Earrings

Beautiful garnets were a favorite and widely used gemstone by the Victorians and are still widely regarded today for their deep color and mystical properties. Clisson design has used this stone in this variation of the half-moon range of earrings using rose gold to enhance the color of these beautiful...
Mother of pearl triangular gold stud earring

Mother of pearl triangular gold stud earring

These stunning yet practical studs are a perfect accessory for any outfit the glistening mother of pearl is perfectly framed by the yellow gold to give a timeless look.
Multi-gemstone Yellow Gold Drop Earrings, made with the most dazzling of stones that make these earrings easy to wear with anything.

Multi-Gemstone Yellow Gold Drop Earrings

Multi-gemstone drop earrings, made with the most dazzling of stones that make these earrings easy to wear with anything. The ascending sizes of the stone give a balanced look to these gorgeous earrings.
Three colour pearl gold stud earrings

Pearl three colour yellow gold stud earrings

A beautiful twist on the classic pearl stud earring. The creamy luster of the white pearl is wonderfully contrasted against the deep black and warmth of the peach pearls to create a stunning earring.
Peridot tourmaline diamond drop earrings made in 9-carat yellow gold

Peridot Tourmaline and Diamond Drop Gold Earrings

These distinctive earrings with their beautiful oval shape and cleverly cut gemstones really bring to life the colour of spring. The earrings have a lovely movement and are just stunning.

Rose gold and white enamel flower hoop earrings

Rose gold and white enamel flower hoop earrings that invoke the beauty of flowers in the wild. These beautiful hand-enameled flowers are like the daisies in the meadows and fields. A really unique and beautiful pair of earrings for the nature lover.
Ruby diamond white yellow gold drop earrings

Ruby diamond white yellow gold drop earrings

These beautiful modern drop earrings set with high-quality ruby's and diamonds are hinged, so are fully articulate. Giving maximum impact and movement.  
Sterling silver and Amethyest half moon drop earrings

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Half Moon Drop Earrings

These beautiful earrings incorporate style and functionality. The wonderful deep purple of the amethyst is accentuated by the shine of the silver. A stunning combination.
Cubic Zirconia pear shape stud earrings

Sterling Silver Art Deco Cubic Zirconia Pear Shape Stud Earrings

These stunning earrings give the look of diamonds without hefty price tags. The intricate way these earrings are set gives a high-quality look and these earrings will add a touch of luxury to any outfit.
Cubic Zirconia square stud earrings

Sterling Silver Art Deco Cubic Zirconia Square Stud Earrings

These beautiful pave set cubic zirconia stud earrings are a must for any evening outfit. These earrings radiate life and sparkle and look exceptional, all the quality without the cost.
Tanzanite diamond and white gold earrings

Tanzanite diamond and white gold earrings

These stunning earrings made with the most beautiful high-quality tanzanite are a fine example of high-quality craftsmanship, the added sparkle of the diamonds really accentuates the beauty of this rare gemstone.

Turquoise and white gold half moon drop earrings

The moon has always been a source of magical mystery and these beautiful drop earrings encapsulate it perfectly. Incorporating the moon encircling the earth made in yellow gold and the earth being represented by a hand-chosen piece of turquoise. These earrings have the signature Clisson design flower.
Amethyst earrings gold

Victorian Amethyst Drop Earrings

These beautiful earrings are hand made in a Victorian style, the richness of the deep purple of the Amethyst shines against the sumptuous glow of the yellow gold. These earrings sparkle and shine and they have a  delicate movement that accentuates the intricate detailing on the earrings. The perfect accompaniment...

White Gold Diamond drop earrings

These unique handcrafted earrings give a new twist to the classic staple of any woman's jewellery box.These earrings allow the luxury of diamonds to be worn everyday.