bespoke jewellery
Green Tourmaline

Fine Bespoke Jewelry made with attention to detail and your satisfaction in mind. 

Dragonfly earrings

Beautiful hand made dragon fly earrings that capture the beauty and delicate movement of these amazing insects.Hand enameled and set with gorgeous green tourmaline stones these earrings are an exquisite example of Clisson design at its best.

Peridot and green Tourmaline Cocktail ring

Nothing invokes glamour and sophistication like a cocktail ring. This ring is an amazing example of handcraftsmanship at its finest with unique design and vision made into a reality. A beautiful green peridot encased in a cage of rich yellow gold. This ring is a guaranteed conversation piece.
Peridot tourmaline diamond drop earrings made in 9-carat yellow gold

Peridot Tourmaline and Diamond Drop Gold Earrings

These distinctive earrings with their beautiful oval shape and cleverly cut gemstones really bring to life the colour of spring. The earrings have a lovely movement and are just stunning.

Peridot tourmaline diamond pendant

This beautiful pendant has all the colour of spring using beautiful hues of green and the sparkle of diamonds. This pendant does have a matching pair of earrings available.