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Cabochon Garnet and Diamond stud earring

Cabochon Garnet and Diamond stud earrings

Styled in the most classic of Victorian style ,these beautiful earrings are unique and show the craftsmanship of the Victorian age.A lovely cabochon garnet set off with the sparkle of diamonds.
Garnet diamond cluster ring

Garnet diamond cluster ring

This beautiful ring incorporates a stunning high-quality garnet with a distinctive orange hue that is reminiscent of Princess Beatrice's engagement ring. This ring is just a wonderful example of craftsmanship at its best.

Garnet half moon white gold drop earrings

These lovely earrings combine the richness of the garnet and the gleam of white gold. A spectacular combination that is unusual yet so effective.
Garnet rose gold halfmoon drop earrings

Garnet Rose Gold Half Moon Drop Earrings

Beautiful garnets were a favorite and widely used gemstone by the Victorians and are still widely regarded today for their deep color and mystical properties. Clisson design has used this stone in this variation of the half-moon range of earrings using rose gold to enhance the color of these beautiful...
Garnet yellow gold pendant chain

Garnet Yellow Gold Pendant & Chain

This beautiful garnet pendant is simple in its design yet so lovely.The deep red of the garnet sparkles with life , a truley stunning pendant.
Multi-gemstone Yellow Gold Drop Earrings, made with the most dazzling of stones that make these earrings easy to wear with anything.

Multi-Gemstone Yellow Gold Drop Earrings

Multi-gemstone drop earrings, made with the most dazzling of stones that make these earrings easy to wear with anything. The ascending sizes of the stone give a balanced look to these gorgeous earrings.

Yellow Gold Garnet Ring

Cabochon Garnet Ring. Perfect for everyday wear.