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Fine Bespoke Jewelry made with attention to detail and your satisfaction in mind. 

Pink sapphire and diamond heart necklace

This incredible necklace uses the deepest pink sapphires and the highest quality diamonds to make something so breath-taking in its appearance it oozes quality. Show someone you love how special they are to you with this unique and beautiful necklace.

Pink sapphire and diamond pendant

This stunning pendant shows where the inspiration of its design has come from with its clean lines and use of symmetry. There is no mistaking the influence of Art Deco design. The delicate Pink Sapphire is complimented by the amazing sparkle of the suitably named Princess cut diamonds.
Pink sapphire and diamond white gold half eternity ring
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Pink sapphire diamond white gold half eternity ring

This delightful half eternity ring made with the highest quality gemstones combines the glitz of diamonds and the pop of colour from the sumptuous pink sapphire.The rub over setting of these gemstones make this ring a very easy ring to wear everyday.
Pink sapphire,white gold and diamond ring

Pink sapphire princess cut Diamond white gold ring

This absolutely stunning pink sapphire ring is a delight to wear. The clean crisp cuts  of the deep pink sapphire are beautifully accentuated by the sparkle of the highest quality diamonds. This ring just exudes sophistication and class.
Byzantine style sapphire diamond ring

Sapphire and Diamond Byzantine style ring

This absolutely exquisite example of Greek jewellery design is a real masterpiece in craftsmanship and the attention to detail makes this ring an amazing statement piece.
Princess cut diamond sapphire half eternity ring

Sapphire and Diamond Princess cut half eternity ring

This exceptional ring combines deep rich blue of the sapphires and the sparkle of diamonds like stars in the night sky. It is a timeless and classic combination to declare your everlasting love.

Sapphire and diamond skull pendant and chain

A fantastic bold necklace for the inner rock chick in you, with that extra bit of sparkle.This wonderfully unique pendant is handset and bespoke.The sapphires are of a deep blue that just add a splash of colour and give a nice twist to the conventional skull necklaces out there.
Sapphire diamond byzantine style ring

Sapphire diamond byzantine style ring

This absolutely exquisite example of Greek jewellery design is a real masterpiece in craftsmanship and the attention to detail makes this ring an amazing statement piece.
Sapphire diamond cluster ring

Sapphire diamond cluster ring

This absolutely stunning sapphire and diamond ring is so beautiful. The diamonds are off the absolute highest quality and sparkle and radiate such life. The size of the sapphire makes this a ring that no one can ignore.

Sapphire pendant and chain

This totally unique pendant shows of the fact that sapphires are not just blue and come in a range of beautiful colours. This beautiful pendant encases seven beautiful sapphires in rose gold of the finest quality giving this pendant a luxurious feel.
Starfish stud Earrings

Sapphire Starfish stud Earrings

The sun, sea and the glorious sand, nothing brings back happy memories more than our times by the sea. The star fish is a beautiful creature and here designed and created by hand in yellow gold and sapphire you can have the summer with you all year round.

Victorian Style Pink Sapphire stud earring

The Victorians loved intricate designs in their jewellery and these Victorian style stud earrings are no exception.The yellow gold really compliments the delicate pink sapphires and are totally unique in their design.