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Made of the finest quality materials for a luxurious feel.

Pink sapphire and diamond pendant
This stunning pendant shows where the inspiration of its design has come from with its clean lines and use of symmetry. There is no mistaking the influence of Art Deco design. The delicate Pink Sapphire is complimented by the amazing sparkle of the suitably named Princess cut diamonds.
Peridot tourmaline diamond pendant
This beautiful pendant has all the colour of spring using beautiful hues of green and the sparkle of diamonds. This pendant does have a matching pair of earrings available.
Multi coloured amber silver pendant
Sterling Silver Amber silver pendant
This beautiful example of craftsmanship at work is no more evident than in this stunning amber cross, using the most exquisite pieces of amber and modern design for the setting. A piece of jewellery to treasure.
Amber cross and chain
Sterling Silver Amber cross and chain
Stunning multi-hued natural amber with inclusions set into a bespoke setting to enhance the beauty of this naturally occurring semi precious stone.A beautiful piece of jewelry.
Sterling Silver and amber cross pendant
This beautifully simple pendant is a touching way to show your faith.The glossy shine of the silver perfectly accentuates the golden glow of the orange amber cabochon bead.A lovely piece of handcrafted jewellery.
Amber faceted cut pendant and chain
Sterling Silver Amber faceted cut pendant and chain
This amazing piece of natural amber is shown off to its best in the modern pendant. The geometric design allows the facets to capture the light and for the natural inclusions to shine through.
Amber pendant
Sterling Silver Amber pendant
Amber is a stunning product of nature and is a source of fascination for many. This gorgeous pendant allows the beauty of the amber to shine through without it becoming overpowered by it setting.
Sapphire and diamond skull pendant and chain
A fantastic bold necklace for the inner rock chick in you, with that extra bit of sparkle.This wonderfully unique pendant is handset and bespoke.The sapphires are of a deep blue that just add a splash of colour and give a nice twist to the conventional skull necklaces out there.
Cultured black freshwater pearl necklet
Cultured black freshwater pearl necklace
These sumptuous pearls are an exceptional example of quality and luxury. These extremely tactile pearls will add a touch of glamour to any outfit.
Diamond and white gold “waterfall” necklace
The sound of water cascading down a mountainside an exhilarating spectacle, the freedom of nature. This necklace using the most highest quality diamonds represent the water, sparkling and alive like these diamonds. A truly exquisite piece of jewellery and beautifully made.
Pink sapphire and diamond heart necklace
This incredible necklace uses the deepest pink sapphires and the highest quality diamonds to make something so breath-taking in its appearance it oozes quality. Show someone you love how special they are to you with this unique and beautiful necklace.
Diamond solitaire pendant and chain
They say that less is more and that is definitely the case with this necklace, simple in design but so effective in allowing the single diamond to dazzle and shine. The free flowing movement of the setting ensures the diamond will always be the centre of attention.
Tanzanite and diamond heart necklace
There is nothing like hearing the words "I love you" and with this lovely necklace, you can say it and show it, with beautiful tanzanite at the heart of this necklace encased in glittering diamonds and suspended from a heart of gold.
Sterling silver open heart necklace
Beautiful heart necklace, with a delicate chain which can be adjusted in length. The solid heart slides effortlessly along the chain ensuring it is always in the right spot.
Cubic Zirconia heart pendant
Sterling Silver art deco Cubic Zirconia heart pendant
This exquisite heart pendant is stunning, with a really sturdy heavy look without the weight due to its clever design. A stunning piece of jewellery for the one you love.
Marmalade colour cubic zirconia peardrop sterling silver pendant and chain
Sterling Silver Marmalade colour cubic zirconia peardrop pendant and chain
This elegant pendant encapsulates the warmth of the summer sun that shines through from the clever use of the checkerboard cut on the deep burnish orange of this beautiful shaped cubic zirconia
Cubic zirconia pear drop necklace
Sterling Silver Cubic zirconia pear drop necklace
Delicate drop necklace that really showcases how beautiful a man made stone can be.The contrast of the deep olive and the lime green colourproduce a stunning effect.
Blue Topaz ,diamond and white gold pendant
The blue topaz stone is a beautiful gemstone and this exceptional example of the blue topaz stone just radiates life and the gentle sweep of the pendant is accentuated by the sparkle of the diamonds.
Cubic Zirconia square cut pendant
Sterling Silver art deco Cubic Zirconia square cut pendant
This beautiful pendant exudes class and quality. The delicate pave setting allows the sparkle and fire of the stones to shine through.A stunning example of how you can have it all.
Diamond set white gold heart pendant
This simple yet delicate necklace encapsulates how the little things in life can mean so much. This diamond set heart pendant is suitable for everyday wear and will be a perfect addition to any outfit. Beautifully made to show that special someone how much you care.
Sterling Silver diamond set heart locket with pearl
This stunning pendant is the perfect way to hold those dear to you close to your heart. The gentle movement of the hanging frame and the pearl add interest and a modern twist on this traditional jewellery item.
Murano glass chocolate heart pendant and chain
Sterling Silver Murano glass chocolate heart pendant and chain
This stunning pendant is an amazing piece of craftsmanship. The delicate swirls of the silver accentuate the sparkle inside this rich, deep, chocolate Murano glass heart. A joyous piece of jewellery.
Garnet yellow gold pendant chain
Garnet yellow gold pendant chain
This beautiful garnet pendant is simple in its design yet so lovely.The deep red of the garnet sparkles with life , a truley stunning pendant.